Where in the World is Shameeka Dream

2016 Events

February 27 – Breaking the Silence Townhall – Oakland, CA

April 9 – The Monument Quilt Display – Baltimore, MD

April 26 – Intro to Reiki Talk at Flourish

April 29- The Monument Quilt Display – Fort Meade, MD

April 30 – Baltimore Stories: Voices of Women and Girls

June 2-4 – The Monument Quilt National Leadership Team Retreat – Blue Ridge, NY


I’ve somehow ended up in Vallejo, CA… The most diverse city in America, among other things! Vallejo embraces artists with such events as the 2nd Friday Artwalks, which I enjoy immensely. I’m looking forward to updating the rest of the world on the happenings here.

I will still be highlighting Baltimore as well, no worries!

Time in Mexico has taught me that it is okay to move forward.  I am not leaving the city that I have called home for 15 years.  Just like I never left New York- she is in my heart- but I have to create space to move forward; not just for me, for all of us.  We artists are the healers of the world.  I must go to the world instead of waiting for her to come to me…

6:30-7:30  Facilitating Visioning Meditation at the Spiritual Empowerment Center

8:00           Guest spot on the Evolution of Perspective Talkshow with Ellen Gee

December 6 The Wise Woman Project Album Release

January 27 The Monument Quilt exhibit at the Marissa Alexander release hearing in Jacksonville, FL



Upcoming Dates

February 21

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