Services Offered

Reiki Session
Shameeka Dream is a Reiki Master under the Usui Shiki System.  She wishes to promote an understanding that healing is much simpler than many believe.

Reiki (Rei-ki) is a Japanese healing art that involves laying on of hands to channel Universal Energy through the practitioner to the recipient.

Many people ask what happens during a Reiki session. It can happen in your home, at a workshop, in a park, virtually anywhere the client wishes, and the length can vary. A standard session could be about an hour long.

During an in-person session, the practitioner may place their hands on or above various points of the recipient’s body, channeling light energy to each point. The recipient may feel a sense of relaxation, heat, and other sensations; they may even fall asleep! All of this is perfectly fine!

After a session, the practitioner and client usually will debrief, exchanging information about what they experienced. The recipient may continue to experience the effects of the session for days!!

Distance Reiki Session

Distance Reiki is the same as a regular session, except that is is done in the absence of physical and/or contact. While the physcial effects of such a session are more subtle, the emotional and spiritual healing can be quite profound.

Reiki I, II, or III Training
You can receive a Reiki training to become a certified practitioner.
Space Holding – Hosting a workshop already, and want your membership/staff to be able to take full advantage without having to be in service at the same time?  Or, do you know/feel that your workshop will be very challenging for some and want to make sure they have support?  Shameeka Dream can cleanse and hold the space during your workshop, and provide needed support.


Healing Workshops and Forgiveness Rituals – Do you want to forgive someone, or yourself, or heal?  Is your community or organization in want or need of healing, orgiveness, or needing to forgive?  This ritual serves to facilitate that forgiveness, leaving participants feeling refreshed, invigorated, and liberated from the emotional baggage associated with non-forgiveness.

In order to help make Reiki accessible to as many people as possible as quickly as possible, Shameeka Dream is launching the Dream Reiki Project, a touring school and Reiki center designed to bring Reiki around the country at sliding scale prices.

The Dream Reiki Project offers sliding scale Reiki every week, be it distance or in-person.  Clients receive a session (normally $60-$100) at the price of their choice, starting at $20.  The purpose is the allow all who want Reiki to be able to afford it.

Normally, a Reiki attunement can cost anywhere from $150 to $875.  I am offering a community sliding scale of $75-$300 for those who attend the Dream Reiki Project courses during 2015.  This comes with a commitment to provide Reiki as a community service for at least one year. This can be by giving it away to your friends and family, assisting with courses along the tour, or creating a formal project where you provide community Reiki- it’s up to you!

What will you get?

Reiki attunement and course material
individual Reiki
Time for hands-on technique practice
Tea and Water

How do we get the Dream Reiki Project to our city?


Visioning involves going within, either alone or in a group, and listening for the highest outcome for any activity, organization, project, or union. Visioning can include a guided meditation where the facilitator asks questions such as, “What is the highest unfolding for [this project, organization, etc.]?” “What do I need to release to bring this vision into manifestation?” “What do I need to embrace?” Then participants can journal all that comes to them—words, images, ideas—during the meditation and share the answers with others. It’s amazing to see how frequently a number of participants have coinciding visions.

~Taken from

Shameeka Dream has been facilitating visioning meditations for over 5 years.  She works with people and organizations to help them use this process to get clear about their purpose, a goal, a project, or some other endeavor.

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The Wise Woman Project is a movement to eradicate intimate partner violence through the arts.  We bring performances and workshops that address issues victims and survivors face, including the mental trauma and difficulties putting life’s pieces back together.