In My Mammas Kitchen

#InMyMammasKitchen Body Butters was born right where the name says on a winter evening. I had made my own butters and would gift them sometimes, but hadn’t ever thought about selling them. One night I was playing with a blend when I realized how much I was enjoying myself. My mother suggested I run with the idea, which took awhile, but here we are!

Each batch is made with raw shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil. I add grapeseed or olive oils, and essential oils. As signature blends are developed, different recipes come and go based on your feedback.

They speak for themselves so hopefully you will get a sample!

The butters have been at my events over the last six months, and debuted at Moschetti’s Community Market in Vallejo, CA. The online store is up and running but needs updating, so please be patient as items are added.

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