Prayer for Peace

God is all things beautiful

Black and proud Brown and gorgeous

Her image is motherhood

His image is my likeness

God is peace

God is love and light

Embracing that love and light,

I unify with God

Spirit Jah Allah Yaweh

I unify with God’s spirit

Oya, Oshun,

I AM Peace

I have fought my demons

So I can be Unified

One in Spirit

Warrior Peace Goddess

In that vane of light and power

In the illumination of the Sun rays

I manifest peace

Because I am

And because we are one

I can speak this truth for you

You are peace

A piece of the sun rays

Vibrating like puerto rican salsa

Shaking the earth with reggaeton

In the name of peace

You are the Light

Shining on the spirits of Nigerians y mexicanos iluminando como el sol

No me confundo

Sino que puedo cambiar de lengua

sin cambiar el corazón

Tú eres la paz

Lo puedes manifestar en el altar

Lo puedes ser

Una pieza de paz

A piece of peace

I dont beseech thee

For I no longer supplicate

I vibrate high

Higher than crack addicts

Higher than the oceans waves

Higher than 45 angels

I vibrate with God the ancestors

the orisha the obosum the dieties the goddesses


In the name of all things holy and light

i bring it down

So we go up

Bathe in hurricane rains

as the ancestors cry for peace

Bathe our sins

And build bridges to who you are

I bring peace and light for Baltimoreans

Fighting and living for the ceasefire

I am peace in my home and in every home for Black love

I bring the Jamaican spirit of Bob Marley

with the strength of Nanny, queen of the Maroons

I bring the sun and the moon

Cast spells activate crystals give and receive Reiki speak lovingly

Burned sage cast out my rage .

Not bipolar but One Mind One state

Wealthy with this manifestation

Of and hugs

Never forgetting

that we fight for this peace

I say it in airport bathrooms

to Brooklyn living rooms to Jamaican beaches nor Cal dispensaries lake tahoe cedar trees vegas casinos and concert venues coast to coast

Cloud to sound cloud Open mics

thinking twice about swallowing 45 sleeping pills

I am Woke and deciding to live

because too many have died

and my life is meant to be an example of who you can be

Your own iteration of peace

So i pray for manifest speak and live this simple peace

From the inside out i emanate this

And in the presence of God so do you

So as long as you are in your skin

You are a dense manifestation of the divine peace we seek

Like liquid gold it feeds us in this

infancy phase of delicious peace

I say it until I match the vibration

Breathe with me

Give thanks

I let it go to the divine law of circulation

Receive it


About shameekadream (52 Articles)
Shameeka Dream is Founder of the Dream Reiki Project, a movement to train and support healing arts and artists.

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