A meditation on manifesting dreams… Free write

When processing my feelings of prosperity, or lack thereof, I have found that it comes back to certain childhood experiences that created a sense of unworthiness. These unaddressed feelings, which I would not touch in my often autobiographical writings,  manifested as unhealthy behaviors such as promiscuity and a poverty mindset.

We, I, cannot help anyone else before I address how I feel about things that happened to me.

I cannot tell others to face their tragedies and fears if I have not faced my own and surpassed them. How do we reset after abandonment?

How do I tell others that they are worthy if they don’t see self-worth in my reflection?

What is the difference between myself and those who manifest their dreams?

You may have these and other questions, or the answers. Post them in the comments.

I’m about to #manifestdreams.

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Shameeka Dream is Founder of the Dream Reiki Project, a movement to train and support healing arts and artists.

2 Comments on A meditation on manifesting dreams… Free write

  1. Mmm-hmmmm. And childhood experiences often settle in the flesh. We think “chakras” are these invisible thingies that whirl energy around…but like everything else in this world of form, they are enfleshed, also….trauma creating oh-so-subtle-but-profound patterns of held tension in the legs, the calves, the hips and pelvis, the buttocks and all the organs contained therein. Unconscious holding, but over time it blocks the free flow of lifepower between our bodies and Mother Earth and reducing the chakra whirls to unsteady trickles. What should be a river becomes a stream. Separated from Her, we forget that She can and will supply everything, including the lifepower we need to relax and heal these areas, so that they can release shame and fear and attract the abundances of prosperity and health. This is my lived experience, and my theory also as an energy worker and a massage therapist. May Beauty walk with you.

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