Dreaming wellness together: Natural Hair Rinse and Body-Scrub formulas (review)

Product review, Julian Phillips, Sept. 15, 2015, Vallejo, CA-

My wife and I have been blessed to try several of Shameeka’s products, in the past few weeks. We tried out the Natural Hair Rinse, and also a ‘body scrub’, and both were excellent. Shameeka’s products are SO unlike what you buy at Walgren’s, or other mass-production, harsh-chemical, homogenous one-size-fits-all cleansers and beauty products. Carol, my wife of 27 years, and I are Aging Hippy Boomers and loving it!. So her hair now-a-day’s is a lovely gray-and-black, long and sometimes braided (we are Caucasian human beings, as for body type). Shameeka’s Natural Hair Rinse seemed to infuse Carol’s hair with a softness, cleanliness, and a delightful fragrance that ‘normal hair-care products’ never quite seem to match. I really noticed it later, highly recommended!! Even better was our try-out of one of Shameeka’s body scrubs. Ms. Dream has her secret ingredients, I’m sure, but it’s no secret how a mature couple might enjoy a hot bath together and 30-minutes’ worth of total bliss just applying this mixture of gritty sugars, cocoanut oils, and other natural ingredients. Ah Wilderness! To my surprise, my legs and back felt very soft and internally healthy, with the application (you just scrub it on and wash it off). I guess with the coarse-gritty base (sugar?), the mix also is great just to get your skin really clean down to the pores. It’s like your epidermal layer just loves it, your knees and elbows and rough spots soak this stuff up like a thirsty dog on a hot day in the sun. Sexy, too! Also highly recommended. Beauty is more than skin-deep with these products from Shameeka Dream, ‘from me to you’. (Julian Phillips, East Bay San Francisco, Sept. 15, 2015)mikencarolbenicia


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