Cruisin’ the dream we dream, with Shameeka and company-

('Cruising the Dream' with Shameeka and company, Carol Eastman, Vallejo, Sept. 15, 2014)
Week-end (Sept. 12-13) highlights began Friday night with the Art Walk in Downtown Vallejo, for Shameeka
Dream. Local urban-artist Dante showcases his 'Do You Emp' Gallery on Marin Street, just down from
Georgia St., in the heart of downtown Vallejo. If you haven't enjoyed Dante's urban art, take a walk on 
the wild side and check out this very talented artist's celebrity images and paintings. Amazing! Truthful! Honest!

This Friday, Sept. 18, will see Ms. ShameeLighthouseka Dream and company hosting an event at Dante's gallery from 6 to 9pm,
to meet, to propser, and dream together. Local musician, Twofish, will provide his popular melodic guitar tunes, 
and Shameeka will be there to answer questions about beauty care with her natural, organic cosmetics.  This writer has tried the
unique hair-care products, and has found more body and fullness after just a few applications. 

Saturday morning found Shameeka at Moschetti's Coffee House to meet and greet those guests. For all the
mover's-and-shakers out there in the vast urban wilderness, Shameeka says she enjoys being in
the party, just to see who shows up.  Product placement is so important, and being able to sample these
wonderful creams and scrubs is Shameeka's pleasure. Thanks also to Moschetti's, with the best-of-the-best
selection of international coffee brands and blends, and free samples!

Saturday evening also proved interesting, and Shameeka was invited to showcase her product line
at the People's Garden, on Mare Island. The opening of the Meditation Garden was very exciting, and seemed
to be the start of a new chapter, a place for peace to grow. Shameeka said she enjoys sharing her knowledge 
as well in creating wellness in our souls. Not so easy to do these days!

Sunday brought UNITY DAY to the City Park and Shameeka was there to support and encourage,
with her original poetry, which is delightful to experience. Powerful words, passion and beauty, bringing
a real light of truth to all, like the music of a spoken word legacy, shared experience, easing
burdens and witnessing injustice.

"A dream that you dream alone, is only a dream. But a dream people share, becomes reality," musician John Lennon 
once said.

Shameeka Dream also has a sincere desire to enlighten this world. Please stop by at urban artist Dante's 
'Do You Emp' Gallery on Marin Ave., Friday September 18th, downtown Vallejo, from 6 to 9pm, and hear for yourself 
what this dream we share is all about. (Carol Eastman, downtown Vallejo, Sept. 15)

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