Burning Through Baltimore

I am a Dream Reiki Project practitioner. I want to share what I experienced in Baltimore today. There was so much happening. The atmosphere was so energized. I saw people coming together in a lot of positivity today. I am now at home resting, which I very much need. The curfew hasn’t begun yet. Though the police seemed interested in being accommodating to the protestors today, I worry about people getting arrested as the curfew descends.

I worried a lot today. The energy level was high. The Baltimore police, the state police, surrounding state police, homeland security, immigration, park rangers, and more were around. Some were in riot gear. Some had enormous guns.

I met with my teacher Shameeka by chance as we were both on our way downtown to begin burning sage. We met up with other women doing the same and we all smudged through Mckeldin Square, where a rally was to begin at 5. When we arrived, everybody was at City Hall.

As time passed, people began moving to Mckeldin Square. The square couldn’t accommodate the number of people who were there, and somehow the crowd began to march. It was frightening, because the police had given us permission to gather in the square – not to march through the streets to Central Booking. We burned sage throughout the crowd and around the police, asking them with words and energy to be peaceful.

The complexities of different people’s experiences of the protests, law enforcement, racism, and life in Baltimore were all around me. I honor anger against both the state and against other activists. Our respectful conflicts with each other bring us to deepen our understanding of both our own truths and the truths of others who need our help. I am always in awe of the ways people are moved to work together with people we may not agree with, and we may not even like. Shameeka and I worked to bring positive energy and safety to the streets of Baltimore today. I could feel all other concerns I had falling away; my mission was to help create an atmosphere everybody could move through safely. Though there were many distractions, my mind was focused on the though of every single person being able to return safely to their people.

Shameeka’s focus on healing and positivity has helped me see how I can get through the violence and injustice around us at all times. I see her heal others, and show them easily how to heal themselves. The Dream Reiki Project has exploded since the protests began in Baltimore, and it is one of the most important contributions to the movement. All of us who want justice need to heal, and we need to truly feel the difference we are making to allow our spirits to rest.

The Dream Reiki Project can use your help. Your donation contributes to positivity as well as the fight against injustice in Baltimore and the world.

Breathe tonight. Be safe. Allow yourself to rest.


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