On Creating Sacred Space and Being a Presence, in My Own Words…

On telling the story behind a moment that is creating a movement

Thanks to Mia Miata for sharing this!

The night before…

I slept fitfully, hearing sirens, and feeling a call…

I had been waiting for Spirt to guide me to move.

I woke up to a frantic call about something unrelated, but still urgent.  I decided to get up to support the sister, but she insisted that I go to the streets still, since her own event was cancelled.

I walked 2 miles, I think, to get to Penn-North.

I went to Everyone’s Place and got a smudge stick.  I wasn’t afraid about walking alone.  My homegirl who works there lamented not being able to come help.  I wish I had thanked her for holding down one the premier black businesses in Baltimore, a symbol of peace in chaos.

This picture was when I was walking from there to North and Fulton.  I wasn’t smudging the police because they are evil or bad.  I was smudging and giving Reiki to the space, the situation, and everyone in it for blocks to dispel negative energy and create protection for everyone. The first lieutenant thanked me.  The officers were stoic.  The people were just as disciplined, given our own training.  Discipline and control look different for different folk.  Another conversation, another day.


Friends had already come and converged in front of Everyone’s Place.  We went down to the thick.  African Liberation Capoeria Angola, the Living Well, Ama Chandra, Noreen, WAY too many to think of in this moment, right now, of being tired.  We demonstrated balance, loud talk, dance, prayer, arguments, mediation, martial arts, healing arts, all creating peace.  The feminine energy was OUT THERE- talking brothers down, pleading, forming a line, dancing, praying, we were present.  The Spirit of unity was present; after I joined the line of sisters African dancing through the crowd while the drummers drummed and capoeira was TAUGHT, I was moved to tears to see a line of WHITE people holding hands as the front line.

Later, that line changed to black men, unaffiliated, but organized in Spirit. They felt the call to come to the front.

The pepper spray picture that folk are seeing from Associated Press (feel free to comment your photo credits, by the way, I figured since YOU didn’t need permission, neither do I;)) was because we were sprayed when the police went to get a brother who they felt was disruptive.  This time, the lieutenant was different; I told him we got it a bit earlier, and he replied “You better because if another bottle flies we’re going to get him.”  Interesting, because they went and another one had not flown…..

Now, we were policing OURSELVES.  We were PROTECTING THE POLICE.  I don’t blame individual officers; nor do I blame that LT.  I DO recommend he get some training in Reiki so he can learn better when to let Spirit work.  And yes, Mayor Rawlings-Blake, I am serious.  I’ll give Reiki to your WHOLE police department, and then we can talk from there.

Shoot, did I go far with that one?

You know me.

279Suspect Dies Baltimore

Anyway, these pictures only tell bits and pieces.

I will say that I am moved, and that we must support the organizers and activists as well as the government, as they come together to SERVE the PEOPLE.

More is coming.

I am not postponing Healer, Heal Thyself (an interactive art show scheduled to happen in Baltimore and Oakland).  BUT the Baltimore show is changing.  It will be an interactive healing experience to create safe space at the Rally in Baltimore on Friday.  We will be there at 3, two hours in advance to give Reiki, sage the space, and bring on peace.


1. Follow this blog so that you know what is happening and can keep up to date.

2. Join Dream Reiki Project on FB so we can communicate details for those who want to be directly involved in this and other actions.

3. Send smudge stick and sage donations. Email dreamreikiproject@gmail.com for information on where until I can get a receiving space.

4.  Wear all white (or at least a white top), and come on Friday at 3 to McKeldin Square at 3!!!!!

5.  Share http://www.gofundme.com/ineffabledream.  I have been building for a while and could use help.  Next stop is Oakland/The Bay Area, and resources are needed to create training materials, etc.



Looking forward….

About shameekadream (52 Articles)
Shameeka Dream is Founder of the Dream Reiki Project, a movement to train and support healing arts and artists.

12 Comments on On Creating Sacred Space and Being a Presence, in My Own Words…

  1. You are a beautiful soul. xo

  2. Thank you for hearing the call and responding in action. Happy to make your acquaintance. Can’t wait to work with you. Love and Light to all acting in Love and moving through the Spirit. I know that I have been sending Light to some beautiful warriors–good to know who I have been working with. :-). May you all be whole. You are loved. DKM DKM DKM

  3. You are an inspiration and this picture is going viral in all kinds of healing circle- thank you for being a healing presence and for being a true embodiment of the Divine Feminine rising in this powerful time on our planet ❤

    • Thank you sooo much! I didn’t realize it was this big!!! I hope that I get to connect with as many of the others as possible- this is what I do, and what we all need to do- follow our purpose! PLEASE let’s stay connected and make things happen!

      One Love…

  4. Praying for you, your cause and all who want peace and change

  5. Wendy Samet // May 1, 2015 at 3:21 pm // Reply

    I was with you at penn and north avenues on Tuesday, one of the white women on the line in front of the police. Although I never post on Facebook, I was so taken by the experience that I did write about it and then posted what I’d written. You figure prominently in what I wrote as I was so moved by your presence and actions. I am happy to share that post with you if you like.

    • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I really want to get with you when I get back to Baltimore and build… Thank you for being who you are. Please share the post! I love you!!!

  6. Give yourself a Big HUG my friend.. I am so pleased I found the person behind the picture I linked too from another post Shameeka, that I used to head a post of mine.. Many thanks for your healing.. I hope more will follow your lead..
    Blessings Sue

  7. Thank you for your kind words- hopefully we will meet on the road somewhere…..

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