National Poetry Month 30 in 30 Challenge: Day 5


Sisterhood of Scars

My scars look like yours, but not
fleeting moment turned into permanent reminders
they are deep like the valleys created by fracking, unwanted, except, I stil bleed
my heart beats, pumping life into the scars, making them alive and a part of me
I cannot measure your pain but I know you and I bleed

My scars are different then yours

mental imprints that sit in my muscles
stories heard at work of hundreds on one, belts used to dispense lashes, hiding from drunken anger, homeless nights, constant fights

emotional meltdown preceded by one too many late night phone calls pleasding for help
no courses on self-care so advocates don’t advocate for themselves
but get lost in the honor of doing good deeds for others
who advocates for the advocate?
oftentimes survivors themselves, wounds not yet healed

the memories curdle like blood, congealing in my muscles and creating tight spots that we do not acknowledge with asanas and and breath
sweet breath, come slow as I stretch my capacity as healer
taking time to advocate for my spirit
taking care of me
so we can heal our scars…

My scars are born of human consciousness
the memories sent through the womb of ancestral pain not yet dealt with
i make friends with those past comrades call our enemies
yet all I see is a sister with different skin
her scars are different, placed in places I did not know she could feel pain
yet the same
we come together to heal the past
we come in the name of our grandmothers and grandfathers
we approach our communal aunties and uncles
we sweat the pain away
we release it into the embers
piercing scars with the elixir of life in steam
praying for the ability to advocate for our spirits

at the moment when we realize we can touch each others scars
that a hurt is a hurt
the moment when we decide to lend our sisters healing balm
when we realize that we are medicine, our ears are healing, we can listen
then we will have the capacity to realize
that although my scars look or feel different, they unite us
and we can heal them together
by taking care of ourselves
the scars may not get smaller, but our spirits will expand to the infinite possibilities of expansive wholeness
then we wont see scars, but gentle reminders that we have blood pumping through our veins
that we are on this plain to give and receive a message
we are the ones
and in love, the scars become invisible in the shadow of our reflections


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