National Poetry Month 30 in 30 Challenge: Day 3


If I said that I was raped
But could not scream in a way you understand
Would you try to learn my language
If I said that you’re great grandfather raped my great grandmother
And that when she mourned the loss of her innocence
Her tears fell on blood stained floors
If I told you that he never apologized
But that he violated me again and again
And that my screams sounded like metal on stone
Would you listen for the cries?
Would you feel the need to apologize for his sins?

I’ve brought the turbulence of grey angry skies that doused the earth in rivers
Yet you are so busy raping my earth you don’t realize I pour water not dirt when healing my creation

Nations are controlled by stories of masons who mismamage power and allow greed to turn them into rapists

You frack my body and then tell me I cannot prosecute because I do not b have jurisdiction over her
I was raped

And too many bystanders stood by so now you think you are walking me through a lesson in culture when you whitewash me with stories of prisoners turned princess

You, divided like I am
Not unified and therefore broken

I forgive you, and implore you to stop
Stop taking the land
Stop raping our bodies
Hear our voices
We are the wind
The water
The earth
The fire
The metal
The plants
The seas

We speak through the birds and the dew
We whisper in the moonlight

Listen to our voices
Learn our language
Speak in parables and ceremonies and in honoring our ancestors

We are the foundation, the grandmothers and grandfathers

Healing through voices in poetry and song…
Imploring you to rise up……


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