The most fulfilling moments

…Seeing someone tell for the first time.  It’s not about self-importance but about telling others know you get to choose your role…

…Seeing your client and your student looking radiant.  It’s about seeing the fruit of your labor…

You may not get to choose what happens to you, but you do get to choose your response. I choose to teach and practice the healing arts.  I choose to support the Monument Quilt in every way I can.  I choose to spread the mission of the Spiritual Empowerment Center by promoting World Day of Service everywhere I go.  I choose to spread the mission of the Dream Reiki Project by making Reiki affordable to those who want it, as clients as well as practitioners.  I choose to rep Baltimore Girls.  I choose to participate in cultivating my inner peace because I know that is how I will manifest world peace.  Maybe even in my lifetime.

…Realizing that I can help billions.  Yes, one person can help billions.You can do it.  You can be the greatness that your spirit craves.  You are the messenger to the masses.

Start by taking a step.

Sometimes, that step helps someone else.

What is your first step?

Start by following my blog.

Or, liking Shameeka Dream on Facebook

You will be able to stay up to date on the beautiful things that are happening here….


I will start by telling you to visit Studio Kafi. She is EVERYTHING………

Kafi can also be found on pinterest here.

Happy sharing!

*Image credits: Kafi D’Ambrosi

About shameekadream (52 Articles)
Shameeka Dream is Founder of the Dream Reiki Project, a movement to train and support healing arts and artists.

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