The Dream Reiki Project Launches Services

Bringing the Healing Arts to All Communities

The healing arts can be accessible to all who want to have that access. 

In order to help make Reiki accessible to as many people as possible as quickly as possible, Shameeka Dream is launching the Dream Reiki Project, a touring school and Reiki center designed to bring Reiki around the country at sliding scale prices.

The Dream Reiki Project offers sliding scale Reiki every week, be it distance or in-person.  Clients receive a session (normally $60-$100) at the price of their choice, starting at $20, up to $100.  The purpose is the allow all who want Reiki to be able to afford it.  The first Community Reiki day, in Albany, NY was a success!  One client, after receiving Reiki for the first time, said “I could feel the calm, the peace”.  The first Reiki class was offered pre-launch in December 2014, and was also successful, with one student completing her Reiki Master certification!  

Normally, a Reiki attunement can cost anywhere from $150 to $875.  I am offering a community sliding scale of $75-$300 for those who attend the Dream Reiki Project courses during 2015.  This comes with a commitment to provide Reiki as a community service for at least one year.  This can be by giving it away to your friends and family, assisting with courses along the tour, or creating a formal project where you provide community Reiki- it’s up to you!

What will you get?

    • Reiki attunement and course material
    • Individual Reiki
    • Meditation
    • Time for hands-on technique practice
    • Breakfast
    • Tea and Water

How do we get the Dream Reiki Project to our city?

Email to sign-up for a session or class.

About shameekadream (52 Articles)
Shameeka Dream is Founder of the Dream Reiki Project, a movement to train and support healing arts and artists.

1 Comment on The Dream Reiki Project Launches Services

  1. Thank you for the mention! I appreciate the integrity of your work! Hope to be able to build in the future.

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