What the notes from a random visioning meditation might look like

One of the things many people ask me about visioning is what type of insight they will receive or expect to receive during the meditation process.  It varies from person to person and experience to experience.  So, I decided to document a few of my visioning meditations.  I won’t post the purpose/exact thing I am meditating for, per se, but I will post the results so that you can get some insight into what the process looks like.

What is Spirit’s highest vision for my life?

  • living room workshops and performances in minister’s homes.
  • more yoga
  • more Reiki
  • being a Yogini in full
  • 2 weeks of workshops leading up to convention
  • more than one time where we have space being held for people to work on their quilts
  • open space
  • visioning is how we are getting there
  • cal is the leading organization for spiritual practitioners, healers, forgiveness ceremonies, and the like for the weeklong exhibit of the Monument Quilt
  • i need to become a yoga instructor
  • pesca=vegetarian
  • willing to travel the country for weeks and months at a time
  • an ambassador for World Day of Service
  • An Ambassador for Visioning
  • We need a full day of visioning
  • An Ambassador for the Monument Quilt

What do I need to release?

  • dead weight
  • any extra weight on my body
  • the old energy around joints and ligaments, whatever that is

What else do I need to know?

  • have fun
  • this is happening
  • talk to Rev. Michele- ask her for help making this happen
About shameekadream (52 Articles)
Shameeka Dream is Founder of the Dream Reiki Project, a movement to train and support healing arts and artists.

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