Gratitude Journalling 4

I love and appreciate touch.  It does not mean that I am touch-feely all the time; however, when we can touch another person in  pure unconditional love, like the young man who was giving out hugs at Ferguson, or the Free Hugs Campaign,  or the acquaintance who I don’t see often, but who is so genuine,  then we will begin to see true worldwide healing and peace.  He sent me a note today that inspired me to continue living my worth and not my work (that is another article).  I know that  what he and I and so many others do will help bring about world peace in our lifetime.

Wow.  That was a jump.  Yes, I really went from giving out hugs to world peace.  I don’t have anything to lose, except the 50 calories you burn with a hug, a number that can reach 100 calories if the hug is good and long (I made that up).

I am grateful for hugs, and their power to heal.  I am grateful that my friends, tall and short, big and small, envelope me in hugs whenever we see each other.  I am so grateful, that if I did not receive one more hug this week, I would still be swimming in appreciation.  I like that I wake up excited to share this exercise.  I could rattle off a list quite easily, but I find that my breath is very steady as I dig into my thankfulness.  I like examining the thing I am grateful for in the present moment.  Like now, and my appreciation for hugs.

In her Article 7 Reasons Why We Should Be Giving More Hugs, Lindsay Holmes gives us benefits for everyone from babies to adults.  In National Hug Day 2014: 4 Scientific Reasons Why Hugging is Good For You, the Latin Times gives us good reasons to give hugs as well.  National Hugging Day is January 21, but I choose not to wait to give and receive my  benefits!

I like hugs for more esoteric reasons then the ones given in these articles, although I will gladly take advantage of any blessing I get!  I appreciate the breath in and out that happens during a good hug.  It’s that sensation of giving up any extra weight, and taking their’s for them in turn.  I adore being able to do that, even if just more a moment.  Hugs take the pressure off.  I also appreciate the permission given to exchange physical space with a person.  There is so much expansive space in the universe that when someone shares their space, they are truly giving something very big.  I appreciate being the recipient of so many large gifts.

In turn,  I also appreciate that I am a giver of free hugs to almost anyone who wants one.  It gives me the chance to give and take.  When the person just needs energy, I can breathe that into the hug, knowing that it comes and goes with Spirit.  And when I in turn, am in need, I know that it is probably just an ask away.

I know that you are a blessing.  Remind others of the same by being a blessing to them today.

In Gratitude,

Shameeka Dream

About shameekadream (52 Articles)
Shameeka Dream is Founder of the Dream Reiki Project, a movement to train and support healing arts and artists.

2 Comments on Gratitude Journalling 4

  1. I love hugging to where i myself am going to start a “free hugs” clinic to every student in solano community college who wants one. Thank you Shameeka for yours.

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