What’s This Go Fund Me Anyway?

Ineffable Dream is the journey that I am on this year to becoming a master healer and performer.  No, I do not think that one becomes a master at anything so quickly, but then again, I do.  I believe, with intention and the right consciousness that anything is possible.

The purpose of the Go Fund Me is to provide the resources to make me a resource to the international community.  I intend to tour the United States and central America, spreading the message that you can make your dreams come true.  Part of this is by living the life of my dreams.

Enter the Monument Quilt and World Day of Service.  When I first did visioning around the Wise Woman Project 3 years ago, I knew that it would help to eradicate intimate partner violence, rape, and abuse through the arts.  What I did not know, was how this would manifest. Since I became Healing Artist in Residence for the Monument Quilt project, a crowd-sourced project to create a public healing space for survivors of rape and abuse, I have become imbued with a sense of clarity around my role in eradicating these acts in society and creating public healing space.

Add World Day of Service.  My minister, or rather, Senior Minister of  the Spiritual Empowerment Center, Rev. Michele K. Synegal, had a vision that World Day of Service would occur annually in September.  So far, she has had success!  During 2014, the Spiritual Empowerment Center, as well as other Centers for Spiritual Living, adopted the Monument Quilt project for World Day of Service.

During this time, I completed the Wise Woman Project.  Enter the epiphany.

I will tour the country, hosting quilt workshops and holding healing space so that the founders, Hannah Brancato and Rebecca Nagle, as well as millions of survivors around the country, can see this vision come true.  This also promotes World Day of Service, as we prepare to make 1000 quilts during the 3rd Annual World Day of Service in September 2015.

In preparation for for this sharing, I am also completing my 200-hour yoga teacher certification at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico.  Part of the funds I am raising are going to pay for that tuition as well.  In return, I will give of my skills as a yoga teacher.

So, that’s what I am up to.  What about you?  I am donating to this project myself, financially and physically, because I believe that we truly can be our dreams come true.  Are you going to help make this happen?  I know you will, by believing, supporting, and sharing.  Thank you for being the light.

Being the Change I Want to See in the World,

Shameeka Dream

About shameekadream (52 Articles)
Shameeka Dream is Founder of the Dream Reiki Project, a movement to train and support healing arts and artists.

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